Monday, 13 June 2016

Devil Dog from Infinity

I finished this Devil Dog from Infinity the other day. It's a great model, a metric shittonne of detail on it. I'm not so keen on the stones being a part of the casting, I think it would have been better to have them as an optional extra. I used a slightly darker scheme to the last one I painted. I tried to create a lot of contrast and I think I was successful.

Purple Mane

For this I tried out some new paints from the Warcolours range. I based it in a 1:1 mix of Violet 2 and Violet 3 with a small touch of Braineater Azure from the Scale Color Fantasy and Games range. I used Braineater for the skin so adding a small amount of this to the mae helps to make the two colours 'work'. I then added a touch of  Scale Colour Violet ink to the base colour and washed each purple area. The ink dries with a very wet look when it pools so I was careful to draw off any excess.

Highlights were built up very simply by progressively adding more white to the original base mix, using standard layering until I was happy with definition.


As I said, this was based with Braineater Azure from the Scale Color Fantasy and Games range. The model has a lot of heavily sculpted definition so I decided to wash the whole area with a slightly thinned GW Drakenhof Nightshade. I usually thin washes or inks with a little water just to help me get a little more control and to lengthen drying time so I don't get any issues with staining.

I reapplied the base colour and built up highlights by adding more and more white to the mix. Once I got decent contrast I stippled on tiny dots with thinned white to give the illusion of fur texture. It's important to thin the white so you can use the transparency of the paint to vary the opacity.

It doesn't show up well in the picture but it looks the business in real life. The veins were then picked out in white,

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