Sunday, 5 June 2016

Guildball Smoke

This was a commission piece I recently finished of Smoke, one of the new Alchemist players for #Guildball. Quite an interesting sculpt with most of the model suspended inside a spiral of billowing smoke. It was very difficult to paint the figure without touching the 'smoke', so I opted to paint that part last. It ended up being quite a fast paint job but I was happy with the result.


For the bodice I used Vallejo Game Colour Khaki, sponged on a few different colours (Rhinox Hide, Skrag Brown, XV-88) then used Army Painter Strong Tone Wash. If you've never used Strong Tone, I can highly recommend it as a perfect substitute to the old Devlan Mud from Games Workshop. I used a few further glazes of Strong Tone to build up some extra contrast under the arms and into the folds of the fabric.


The green was done with one of my favourite 'goto' paints; Scale Color Black Forest Green, a fantastic intense tone. Highlights were built up by simply adding more and more Scale Colour Sol Yellow (Yriel Yellow) to the base. It's a very saturated paint so you don't have to use a lot. In fact, you have to be careful not to add too much or the highlights become very harsh and it no longer looks like fabric.

I added some texture to the top of the hood with hashing very fine lines to help suggest a 'fabricy' look.


I did the gold in NMM, these parts were undercoated with a bright bone colour, I used Scale Color Mojave White, Screaming Skull is a great equivalent. I do this for two reasons. One, to increase the brightness of the gold and two, because yellow(ish) paints are so transparent, it makes it MUCH easier to get a clean opaque covering when you start with a smooth/bright undercoat. I based in Fantasy & Games Peanut Butter. (essentially the same as the old classic Snakebite Leather) Highlights were made by adding successive amount of white to the base, finally ending on a tiny sharp pure white highlight. Shades were built up by glazing with Vallejo Armour Brown. (a very intense, rich red/brown) 


This was done very simply, I started with a medium gray, Scale Color Graphite (GW Dawnstone). Then built up highlights by adding white to the base. Extra definition was given with lining/glazing a darker gray into the lower side of the smoke plumes.


  1. Hey buddy, amazing work as normal. How do you do your black/silver nmm and also how do you achieve the glow effects on the vials?

    Thanks, your work is inspiring.


  2. Thanks mate, I'll be doing tutorials on those so expect to see them in the near future. :)